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We invite you to submit your expressions of interest here to be one of the 5 selected bilateral (Brazil-Europe) networks to be supported by the INCOBRA project, with the aim to foster and strengthen cooperation between R&I actors in both regions.

See the full Call for Expression of Interest in English or in Portuguese.

The call is open to:
  • Existing R&I networks formed of European and Brazilian organisations operating in the identified R&I priority areas (see below) that are already carrying out various bilateral activities or that are linked and would like to start a joint activity.
  • Past consortiums of BR-EU projects that would like to continue working together, thus also guaranteeing the sustainability of their project.
  • European and Brazilian organisations aiming to work together and submitting project proposals for available funding.

Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2017


For the purpose of this call, each network needs to have a main contact person who will act as the coordinator of the network and the proposed activities. This is required even if the network is informal and there may be several people/organisations involved internally in the day-to-day decisions and coordination.
* Legal Status:
Main technology sectors/fields of activity you work with:
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Contact person of the network/consortium:

Name of the network:
HelpEven if the network has been newly formed for the purpose of this call and bilateral cooperation activities, please still provide a name/acronym here.

Are you:
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Please provide a description here of the types of members your network encompasses.
Help(e.g. science parks, business incubators; companies; centres of excellence; clusters; technology platforms; innovation partnerships; innovation communities, other sustainable R&I networks, etc.)

Total number of members/organisations in your network:

Please include here more details about these members:
  Name: Country: Sector: Activities: Legal Structure: Website:
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Where are the majority of the network activities based?
Help(e.g. Europe, Brazil, both)

List of the relevant projects you and the members of the network are currently or have been involved in (Brazilian or European programmes in particular) in the past 3 years:
  Title Origin of funding Objective Duration (from-to)
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6
Project 7
Project 8
Project 9
Project 10
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Does your network incorporate researchers who benefit (or have benefitted) from mobility schemes (Science without Borders, Marie Curie)?

* Are you planning to submit a proposal to a European or Brazilian programme?

Please briefly describe the workplan for any collaboration activities throughout the stated period (7 months), whether related to project proposals or otherwise:

HelpMaximum 500 words.

SMART objectives: Please describe the main objectives of your bilateral network cooperation and how they are related to the call objectives.
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Expected impact of your bilateral cooperation within the network:
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Expected impact of your bilateral cooperation within Europe/Brazil:
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