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POINT #35. Flexible Transfer Medium for the Formation and Transfer of Images

Thank you for your interest. IASP's open innovation POINT service is currently working in collaboration with P&G and on this occasion they wish to find a flexible transfer medium for the formation and transfer of images. 

All proposals should be submitted by the 11th December 2017.


POINT is scanning the IASP network for P&G to find innovative tenant companies, universities/academic programmes, technology centres and/or groups or persons with a flexible film or belt on which they could print an image using drop on demand inkjet technologies with UV-curable inks, and then transfer the image onto a secondary substrate.

Preferably, the film can be reused with minimal cleaning and/or processing.  P&G are also interested in the ability to store printed film and transfer the image later. 

P&G are interested in:

Potential development partners for upstream development of such technologies with capabilities to:

(1) Work with or produce materials that can be used in the manufacture of flexible films or belts which could allow deposition of substances onto the substrate followed by release; and/or

(2) produce flexible films or belts that can be used for such processes. 

Looking for any material/flexible medium with capabilities for:

  • Printing an image onto the surface of the material using inkjet technologies but will also allow the image to release from the material in a subsequent step. Compatible with UV-curable inkjet inks.
  • Flexible materials with a low modulus (e.g. 1% Secant modulus of the approximate range of 9000-27000 psi) that can be conveyed in an industrial process requiring some level of conformability. In general, we prefer materials that can tolerate bending or stretching without undergoing an irreversible deformation.
  • Durable or semi-durable belts/blankets with the properties described above.
  • Innovations that are perceived by the broader industry as new and different in the field of materials that brings breakthroughs in quality, efficiency, manufacturing reliability, and capabilities that were not previously possible.

P&G are NOT looking for:

  • Conventional conveyer belts or blankets with multiple layer components. 

Please note that only non-confidential information describing the method, current use and IP can be accepted for review.

Please fill in the sections below if you believe that you have a technology or solution that meets the above requisites and would like to submit your proposal to P&G.


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